The metabot for Microsoft 365

Available on Microsoft 365 (SharePoint + Teams), Hubi is a conversational assistant, always there when and where you need it. Fully customizable, you can contextualize its content through SharePoint & Teams Sites (teams / discussions). Identity, visuals, behaviors, you can create your up to the image of your organization in only a couple of minutes!

The Portal

With the Deep and the Horizon packages, you have an access to a set-up portal that allows you to :

• Choose the design and behavior of your Hubi

• Track the consumption and usage analytics

• Download your modules in a few seconds & select their scope

• Contextualize the content you have gotten off the shelf

• Set up your own knowledge bases

• Create your own automation scenarios

• And much more…

IGOR (Intuitive Generator Of Responses)

This powerful and extremely easy to use tool is integrated into your portal. We are aware that the default answers provided in our modules do not always fit your context, so we made them editable for you. You will also use IGOR to create your own automation scenarios using our action modules, integrating hundreds of primary actions based on Microsoft 365/SAP/Salesforce/Dynamics platforms…

The cognitive engine

By basing the chatbot on the core of Microsoft’s latest innovations in language analysis, we ensure that the technology is state-of-the-art and evolving at the same speed as Microsoft’s ambitions in terms of artificial intelligence.’s NLU (Natural Language Understanding) engine ensures a high quality of natural language understanding through intent detection, which ensures that your requests are redirected to the right answer or scenario.

Language processing techniques allow us to handle typos, spelling mistakes, and language specificities.

Further learning under your control

Your users are the best quality barometers of the quality of our content (and yours). By combinig the human and the artificial intelligence, we can improve the content and the better understanding of each module. Within your portal you will be able to :

•  Manage your users’ feedback
•  Monitor the answers that generate the most reactions
•  Identify the most frequently asked questions
•  Locate unanswered questions

…and thus instantly improve the quality.

How does it actually work ?





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