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Is your connector not on the list?

Connect your chatbots naturally
to an unlimited source of integrations provides Out-Of-The-Box with a wide range of connectors. Each connector is linked to the supplier’s APIs, and is fully integrated into’s native No-Code editor, whether for your ITSM, HRIS, ERP, CRM or collaborative platforms.

Several hundred connectors are available natively, and the number is growing in line with our customers’ needs.

Our commitment? If you need a specific connector for a tool on the market, we’ll develop it for you at no extra cost.

Want to find out more about our platform?

Everyday API calls


As not all your APIs are documented (or are based on in-house tools), you can also use our API call action.

This allows you to integrate any service into the Drag’N’Drop scenario editor.

All forms of REST API call are supported.

Your custom connectors


Create your own connectors using the OPENAPI standard (specification 3.1), in just a few clicks:  

  1. Upload your swagger definition to the portal
  2. Create your authentication for this connector (Provider supported: Bearer, Basic, Oauth, Graph, NoAuth, APIKey…)  
  3. Open the scenario editor
  4. DONE! 


Unlimited connectors! 


For us, all your connectors are important… There are no paid or premium connectors.

Everything is unlimited, we tell you (yes, we do!).

Use your respective subscriptions to target services without limit and create as many scenarios as you can imagine.

Running out of ideas?


Don’t worry, we’ve got some 🙂

The scenario gallery lets you add off-the-shelf scenarios that can be integrated into your Hubi chatbot in just a few clicks. Then all you have to do is configure it to your image.

Save time feeding your bot with more complete scenarios.