What are LLM / Generative AIs?

LLMs (Large Language Models) / GAIs (Generative Artificial Intelligence) are algorithm-based systems that understand and produce human language fluently.

They are based on advanced language models and algorithms, generating various types of text.

These technologies are at the root of the AI revolution, offering enormous possibilities, but they are not exempt from certain controls.

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A LLM alone isn’t enough

In the field of enterprise Knowledge Management, LLM and generative AI are used, but face limitations in business domains requiring strict formalism.

Expert validation is essential, as the information generated is not directly usable by end-users.

Hubi, the measured use of generative AIs

At Hubi, we integrate generative AI to make content creation easier:

  • Generate alternative formulations in 1 click
  • Create knowledge from a theme to obtain an initial structure to be refined by experts
  • Capitalize on your existing documents to generate complete knowledge bases
  • Generate knowledge from your websites

It is essential to check the work of generative AI before publication to guarantee the quality of the content presented to your users.

In the event of content not formalized in your knowledge, you can call on generative AI as an overflow, identifying the response as autogenerated.

The LLM of your choice in Hubi

Do you have a preference for a particular LLM? We offer you the possibility of selecting the one of your choice from the whole range of models available from specialist publishers.

You’ll even have the option of using your own “in-house” LLM if you’ve already done some work in this field.

Would you like to create your own LLM? Our artificial intelligence experts will support you every step of the way.

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Certify the results generated by your LLM

Once the data has been generated by your LLM, how do you certify it for your end-users? Hubi offers its knowledge editor, IGOR (Intuitive Generator Of Responses), to easily modify the generated content and apply the desired formatting.

With Adaptive Card technology, you can access advanced formatting options. Choose a layout template or create your own.

IGOR offers advanced functionalities such as the formulation of responses adapted to the target population, the association of suggested questions, and the generation of random responses.