Intelligent automation and knowledge platform is a conversational assistant, present where you need it most: in your everyday tools.

Fully customizable, you can contextualize its content according to where you deploy it.

With its identity, visuals, behaviors and knowledge, you can create a Hubi that reflects your organization’s image in just a few minutes!

Want to know more about our platform?

The NLU cognitive engine

By basing the chatbot on the core of Microsoft’s latest innovations in language analysis, we ensure the state-of-the-art technology that is evolving at the same speed as Microsoft’s ambitions in terms of artificial intelligence.’s NLU (Natural Language Understanding) engine ensures a high quality of natural language understanding through intent detection, which ensures that your requests are redirected to the right answer or scenario.

Language processing techniques allow us to handle typos, spelling mistakes, and language specificities.

Scenarios to automate your tasks

Via an intuitive Drag N’ Drop dialogue editor, you can create any dialogue flow scenario with all the options that make up a discussion.


During these discussions you can :


  • Retrieve information and integrate it into the bot’s responses
  • Automate any action related to a tool of your IS
  • Query OfficeGraph and automate Microsoft365 in natural language

Integrate your bots wherever you are

Your chatbots are available where you need them most.

  • Create as many chatbots as you like on the platform
  • Deploy them directly on one of our available clients (Teams, SharePoint, websites, Mobile, Digital Workplace, Google…)

Do you have a special case?

The client can be deployed on other platforms or sites on request, thanks to the native React technology on which is based.

The Portal


With Deep and Horizon solutions, you’ll have an access to a Portal that allows you to :


Set up the design et the behaviour of you metabot

Track the Analytics usage indicators

Install modules in just a few seconds and select the scope of their application

Contextualise the contents you got off the shelf

Set up your own knowledge bases

Create your own automation scenarios



…and even more !

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IGOR (Intuitive Generator Of Responses)

This powerful and extremely easy-to-use tool is integrated into your portal. Because our answers do not always fit your context, you can modify the answers provided by default in our modules.

You will also use IGOR to create your own automation scenarios.

You will use our modules integrating hundreds of primary actions based on a set of multi-platform connectors Microsoft 365 / Dynamics / SAP / Salesforce etc…

Further learning under control

When it comes to measure the quality of our content (and of yours), your users are the best testers. By using a mix of human and artificial intelligence, we improve the overall content and understanding of each module. Within your portal you will be able to :

  • Manage the feedback of your users
  • Monitor the answers that get most reactions
  • Identify the most common questions
  • Spot the questions without answers

…and thus instantly ameliorate the quality.