About Hubi.ai


Discover our facts and learn why Hubi is so efficient !

[Fact 1] Response time

0.81sec. is the average response time for Hubi.ai on SharePoint and Teams (Tests are based on 8 different modules incorporating over 5,000 unique questions and dozens of automation scenarios.) Learn more

[Fact 4] Alternative questions

Hubi.ai’s engine is based on the latest NLU technology. With only 5 formulations for each question, Hubi.ai can already cover hundreds of requests. Learn more

[Fact 7] Extension of knowledge bases

You can extend any knowledge base provided on the shelf, and add, modify or delete any content that Hubi.ai has previously created.  Learn more

Hubi.ai metabot office 365

[Fact 10] Hubi.ai is a metabot

It can be connected to an unlimited number of knowledge bases. It can also be activated on an unlimited number of channels. And best of all, for each channel you can define which knowledge base (or scenario) is activated or not. And all this at no extra cost Learn more

[Fact 2] Spelling analysis and correction

Hubi.ai’s algorithm allows it to analyse and correct spelling mistakes before submitting the query to the bot engine. Learn more

[Fact 5] Azure Cost

Hubi.ai uses a per-user licensing model, not based on your usage. This licensing model allows you to design as many scenarios as you want and create as many knowledge bases as you want. Learn more 

[Fact 8] User feedback management

Whatever the channel, users will be able to make the bot’s content evolve by providing the editors (the famous coaches!) with valuable feedback. Learn more

Hubi.ai metabot office 365

[Fact 11] Create ONE metabot and not several chatbots!

Create or reuse knowledge bases and create automation scenarios. The more you add, the more efficient your Hubi.ai bot will be.  Learn more

[Fact 3] Multilingual Metabot

With Hubi.ai all your content is available in different languages. For most common languages, translations are validated by a human operator. Learn more

[Fact 6] Customised content

Hubi.ai allows you to create relevant custom content. You can add as many knowledge bases as you want without any limitation and related to your specific field of activity.  Learn more

Hubi.ai chatbot Office 365

[Fact 9] Fast installation time

The installation of Hubi.ai on your environment and collaborative tools will take about 15 minutes Learn more