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Your knowledge has no limits, and so do your users!

Any content you create in one language can be automatically translated by the platform into any language you have configured on the portal (by default, only French and English are activated). has 2 options for managing translations:

Pre-configured language: Create in one language, automatically translate it into one or more other languages, and check the results: This is one way; in fact, it’s the way we prefer. This way we can analyse your misspelled words, and provide better results by pre-correcting your errors!

On-the-fly translation: Let’s say your bot is configured in French, but a user asks you a question in Polish (and your knowledge has not been optimized for Polish): will recognize the language, translate it and offer the answer in Polish in return, even if the knowledge has only been written in French and English. Of course, in this case, you may be confronted with a lower quality level, especially if your initial sentence has grammatical errors.

Both of these behaviours are supported by the Azure translation platform, which supports over 70 languages.

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