Your data stored wherever you want


By default, your data is encrypted and stored in a secure, partitioned Microsoft Azure cloud environment.

The data used by your Hubi, can be stored on your cloud space on any ICP (Microsoft Azure, Google GCP, Amazon AWS).

These specific projects can be discussed in advance of, or in parallel with, a Hubi implementation in your organization.

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SAAS or Hybrid architecture

The Hubi service runs by default on the Azure Cloud Platform hosted in France (as does the storage), but we can optionally run the entire service on your own Azure subscription, ensuring that nothing leaves your tenant.

This infrastructure project must be carried out prior to service implementation.

Your conversations remain private

Your data belongs exclusively to you. No conversation will ever be used to train an AI.

You can access all conversation histories (in usage reports).

We will delete all your data if we end our collaboration.

Only secure communications

All exchanges between your bots, your SAAS tools and are encrypted (TLS 1.2 protocol).

No data can be extracted or reused, either by us or by anyone else.

The use of external LLMs is not mandatory, and you may never integrate (less secure) LLMs into Hubi.

Please note that should you integrate your own LLM, Hubi does not guarantee that your data will be secure and will not be reused.

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