multi-purpose chatbot platform
for Microsoft 365, the Digital Workplace and the Web

Our solution is adapted to Microsoft 365, the Digital Workplace and the Web. It reduces time spent on low value-added tasks, simplifies your access to internal resources and connects with your organization’s multiple tools.

When we say UNLIMITED, we mean it!

Unlimited number of bots, contents, connectors  – with no hidden costs !



Unlimited number of bots.

No additional costs


Quick and simple installation.

Just a few seconds to install each bot


Further learning.

User feedback taken into account automatically


100% No Code.

10+ off-the-shelf knowledge bases and 100+ scenarios that can be easily integrated


Secure platform.

Running on Microsoft Azure


Custom modules.

Adapted to your industry and available on all your environments

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All you knowledge and automated scenarios centralized on a single platform

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to all the tools within your information system.



SAAS, Legacy, or internal – hundreds and more connectors are accessible to you and integrated by default on your chatbots.

Add your own connectors in a few clicks thanks to the OpenAPI.

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Deploy the first B2B metabot platform that federates language understanding technologies, knowledge management, Generative AI and NoCode automation into a single tool. provides a centralized interface between users and your company’s various processes and knowledge, by integrating them into a technology hub:

NLU’s advanced artificial intelligence technology for efficient language processing

The user-friendly interface of a metabot (i.e. a multi-skilled chatbot) available on multiple channels that can contextualize its content for its users.

A powerful tool for contextualizing the content and creating automation scenarios via natural language.

 Infinite possibilities of integration with your internal tools and cloud services.

OUR TOOL puts all your information and automated scenarios on a single platform. Use generative AI to create and certify knowledge from your files and websites.

Fully customizable, deploy your content on as many bots as you like, to create bots that reflect your organization.


Our shelves are filled with contextualized content that can be integrated into one of your chatbots in just 1 click. You’ll be able to develop them yourself and configure them to your image.

This content enhances the knowledge of our LLMs, as well as the content you create based on your documents and websites.

Thousands of questions integrated by default on subjects divided into dozens of natively available knowledge bases

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Focus verb synonyms

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