On Hubi.ai, user feedback drives the evolution of the bot content.

About Hubi.ai : 

 Managing user feedback is central to Hubi.ai.

Whatever the channel, users will be able to make the bot’s content evolve by providing the editors (the famous coaches!) with valuable feedback.

Hubi.ai’s AI will also automatically improve content by learning from user feedback.

The content generation algorithms are capable of understanding hundreds of different formulations.

On the other hand, some formulations may be problematic or may not be understood at first glance.

Training chatbots is an important phase, which will allow them to understand a maximum of formulations.

In Hubi.ai, both negative and positive feedbacks are taken into account.
This increases the quality of the basis and the understanding of your users.

Via the configuration portal, coaches will be able to process this feedback according to their rights, and thus continuously improve the business content you have published.

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