With Hubi.ai, easily extend your knowledge bases!

About Hubi.ai : 


You can extend any knowledge base provided on the shelf, and add, modify or delete any content that Hubi.ai has previously created.

Your content is therefore a mix of our content (created by experts) and your content (depending on your context).

The knowledge bases we offer off-the-shelf are the result of a collaboration between a partner (who provides all their skills and knowledge) and our in-house linguistic teams.

These bases evolve according to the evolution of products/services/laws… When these bases are updated, you continue to benefit from the evolutions, even if you have extended it with your own knowledge!

For your internal databases, on the other hand, everything is in your hands (and in those of our certified partners, if you go through one of them!).

And why not?

You could become a Hubi.ai partner and propose your own business module integrating knowledge bases and scenarios!

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