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 To train a bot, you usually need to provide it with many different formulations so that it understands more than one meaning of the same sentence. However, these formulations should be radically different from each other.
Indeed, it is commonly accepted to have to write dozens of alternative sentences for the bot to have a correct level of response.

At, we are not against this idea, as long as these formulations are radically different.

Based on our past experience, in order to get decent response scores, we had to stipulate many sentences that were very close to each other and therefore, multiplied by the number of real formulations, we ended up with several dozen formulations per sentence, which generated a huge amount of work (and not necessarily a high value-added task) for the publication managers!

Indeed, rewriting the same sentence by inverting words or removing words does not radically change the underlying meaning of your sentence.
That’s why the AI behind is able to manage its own similar formulations from a single sentence, but also to limit itself to a few formulations (5 or 6 are enough in my experience).

No need to deal with spelling mistakes either, we do that for you!

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