, a response time of 0.81sec. on SharePoint & Teams*

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Fast response time is a major adoption criterion for end users. 

As’s architecture is based on the latest technologies, the chatbot performs several automatic natural language processing (NLP) operations before analysing the end-user’s request. These operations ensure that spelling mistakes are handled, that the query is well understood and that the response is of high quality.  

Even with all this processing load, takes less than a second to give a response!  

All metrics relating to the use of the chatbot are constantly monitored via the platform and our development team is committed to continuously maintaining the quality of the product. is based on Microsoft technology and hosted on Microsoft Azure ensuring the best possible quality of service. 

Of course, these metrics do not include API calls/connectors which can take more than a second to process depending on the service requested. 

*(tests carried out on the basis of 8 different modules integrating over 5,000 unique questions and dozens of automation scenarios) 

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