The adoption of new work tools in a company can sometimes be an obstacle course. Indeed, some employees may be reluctant to accept changes in the methods and tools already in place.

To encourage the adoption of new tools, you must first communicate with employees, reassure them and, above all, demonstrate the advantages of these new tools. Then, you need to train and support them.

What if in addition to adopting new collaboration tools, you also adopted a chatbot to help your employees adopt these new tools?

In this article, discover the advantages of using a chatbot to support your teams in the adoption of new tools!


What are the advantages of using a chatbot to adopt new tools?


  • Simplicity

Chatbots are very simple tools to use: you just have to ask them a question to get an answer. It’s a bit like chatting with someone on an instant messaging service, except that it’s not a human who answers but a robot.

  • Availability

The main advantage of a chatbot is its availability. Unlike humans, chatbots do not need to rest; they are available at any time of the day or night, every day of the week and even on weekends! Your employees will no longer have to wait for the experts of this or that solution to be present to get answers to their questions. Thanks to a chatbot, your employees will be autonomous 24/7.

  • Time saving

Instead of chasing information, your employees receive instant, simple and concise answers. No need to read pages and pages of online documentation to find what you’re looking for: the bot’s answers are targeted and refer to official documentation when needed – or to go further. Everyone learns at their own pace. Experts and novices will both find their way around!

  • Format

The bot’s answers adopt different types of answer formats: simple description, step-by-step guide, image, scenarios, etc. The answers are concise and visually pleasing, even entertaining.

  • Productivity gain

Although the chatbot does not replace the human, it will become the main interface for your employees to familiarize themselves with the new solutions of your organization. Thus, your support service and your employees will have more time to devote to high value-added tasks. It is the chatbot that will provide the same answers to all your employees!


What does offer? offers off-the-shelf content, especially knowledge bases. For example, we offer a module dedicated to the adoption of Microsoft 365 suite tools. The off-the-shelf knowledge bases are available in the Hubi customer portal store and are updated regularly and automatically by Hubi teams.

If needed, partners will create custom knowledge bases for you about the tools your organization wants to adopt.


For more information on your chatbot project for the adoption of new collaborative solutions, contact our teams or request a demo!