It is important to ask whether companies provide their employees with a sufficient work-life balance. Certainly, there are many reasons why employees leave a job. However, companies around the world should at least give themselves the best chance of maintaining a good workforce. And this always starts with an excellent onboarding experience. 

One of the main difficulties is that many HR departments are overwhelmed, working on both retention and recruitment strategies, which means that they have little time to work on the integration process. A potential solution is to automate the onboarding process. This will create a consistent onboarding experience for new employees and take the burden off your HR team. 

In this article, you will find out what are the benefits of an automated onboarding process and how it can help your company make a great first impression. 


What is automated employee integration?  

An automated onboarding process is a system in which all the actions you would normally do for a new employee, such as signing contracts, checking documents, etc., are carried out and managed by process automation software. For some organisations, this is simply automating contract signing, while for other companies, automated onboarding means automating the entire process from the beginning to the end. 


Advantages of automating your integration process for the company 

Saving money and safeguarding the environment 

Traditionally, onboarding is mostly done on paper. Many forms change hands during this process and if you multiply this by the number of newcomers to your company over its lifetime, you end up with a huge amount of paper waste. Onboarding automation solves these problems by bringing the entire process online. From application to day one, not a single sheet of paper needs to change hands, which means that you save money and reduce your impact on the environment. 

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Save time  

The main advantage here is time saving. If contracts and legal documents are managed by automation software, your HR team has more time to spend on more important tasks. It will also save time for the hiring manager and other employees indirectly involved in the hiring process, such as accounting and payroll departments. 

Reducing human mistakes 

Wherever there are manual tasks, there are also human mistakes. Whether it’s a misspelled last name, a missing birth number or an incorrect salary number, mistakes can cause headaches later. Automating these minor, but important, tasks reduce human mistakes and improves the overall accuracy of your process. 

An increased security system  

With a manual process, newcomers’ data must be processed by an employee. This includes bank details, identity documents and other sensitive information. In the worst case, this data can be used for malicious purposes: theft, identity theft. However, if the whole process is managed by automation software handling onboarding, fewer employees need to interact with this data. 

Standardised processes 

If there is no standardised process, onboarding is left to the manager’s discretion. Some employees may have weeks of training, while others may be thrown into the deep end on day one.  

A standardised onboarding process has been found to improve the loyalty rate of new recruits by 50%, saving you a lot of time, money, and effort in the long run. 

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Advantages for the employees to implement an automated onboarding system 

Reduced waiting time 

Automated onboarding reduces the time employees spend waiting for responses and confirmations from the hiring company. An automated system sends an immediate confirmation, so your new employee knows exactly where they are in the process and does not have to worry about being forgotten. 

More relaxed first weeks for the new employee 

The first two weeks of a new job can be stressful, there is a lot to learn and people to meet. Onboarding automation allows you to create a structure for a new employee’s first two weeks, with training and onboarding tasks all provided and managed automatically. This can help give direction and meaning to the role as early as possible. 

Get paid on time 

There’s nothing worse for an employee than having to wait longer than expected for their first paycheck. Automating your payroll department avoids any embarrassing mistake or annoying delay by removing the possibility of human mistake and new employees can be added to the payroll the day they sign their contract. 

Efficiently automate your integration process  

To take advantage of the many benefits of an automated onboarding process, you need an intelligent automation platform. 

The chatbot allows any team member to create custom scenarios related to their daily use case. 

Why would your chatbot be limited to one use case when a metabot could handle all your use cases? 

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