HR departments are often called upon to deal with usual matters (leave taking, benefits, expense accounts, etc.) because of their impact on all the employees of a company. 

Implementing an HR chatbot with makes it possible to improve the employee experience by gathering and transferring various queries to the conversational assistant, whether they are informative (onboarding, knowledge of HR rights and processes) or procedural (requesting time off, registering for training, etc.). 

Let’s look at how can allow you to make relevant knowledge available, as well as interface with your various HR management systems. 

Making HR information available 

HR information must be accessible quickly and easily by all employees. Whether it is for the arrival of a new employee (onboarding) or for long-standing employees, all subjects (leave, health insurance, training, etc.) must be available to all of them. 

Through its knowledge base system, allows you to centralize this information in a set of questions/answers that can be edited in a simple and functional interface.

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Fill in your main question as well as a set of alternative formulations, then select the response format: 

  • Simple text 
  • Rich card 
  • Launch an automated scenario 

Once published, your database can be improved directly from your portal based on user feedbacks or unanswered questions.  

Automate processes and interactions with the HR IT system 

Making information available allows employees to know their rights and possible actions. 

Furthermore, also allows you to carry out certain simple procedures – such as expense claims, home working requests, etc. – in your chatbot, by interfacing directly with your business applications. 

The scenario editor of your portal allows you to undertake different actions without any line of code such as: 

  • Collecting users input through open and closed questions 
  • Making logical connections depending on the information entered or the user’s choices  
  • Retrieving information from your knowledge basis 
  • Connecting to your tools to trigger one or several given processes, adapted to the information collected in the scenario  

Thus, you offer your users the possibility to carry their usual tasks directly from the simple interface of a conversational agent. makes it easy to connect to any tool using the Open API standard. We also provide a set of connectors dedicated to the most used tools on the market. 

Assembling knowledge on designated channels 

Knowledge bases and scenarios allow the user to access information or processes from the chatbot through a set of defined triggers. 

However, a user interacting with a conversational assistant is not necessarily aware of the knowledge available on the channel consulted (Teams, Web, or SharePoint). offers the possibility to customize several default messages, including the welcoming message, which directly allows you to offer the knowledge available on a certain chatbot. 

For example, the chatbot on the SharePoint site intended for HR processes could, as soon as it opens, offer to guide the user towards the processes previously defined in the scenarios, by inviting him to select the process of his choice. 

As you may have noticed, is a chatbots platform adapted to HR needs. allows, among other things, the automation of your processes related to personnel administration, onboarding/offboarding and training. 

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