In 2020, we have been forced to change our lifestyles. Some sectors have been forced to close.

It is the case for the educational institutions such as schools, universities…They faced a major problem: how to maintain the relationship with the students when physical classes are no longer possible?

A chatbot answers this problem.

As a result, more and more schools are considering implementing a chatbot that is based on artificial intelligence.

In this article, you will find out how setting up a chatbot within your institution can improve the relationship with your students.


A virtual agent for education

The conversational agent allows you to easily support your students in their studies. A multi-skilled chatbot can provide information, guidance, and advice to those who use it.

Moreover, it facilitates internal processes by reducing low value-added tasks. Therefore, it improves work and productivity of your teaching staff and teams.


Advantages of implementing a chatbot for a student

A metabot also called multi-skilled chatbot is available 24/7.

For instance, it allows to immediately answer your students’ questions about a course rather than waiting until the next day for the school to be opened and the teacher to be available. In addition, the conversational agent can also suggest online courses to students or advise them on a course based on their profile.

A chatbot can also help them find their way on campus. If the class has changed, the bot will be able to send the information and the location to facilitate the access for the student.

To summarize, implementing a chatbot within your educational institution will improve the communication with your students and therefore the image of your administration.


Advantages of implementing a chatbot for an educational institution

With a chatbot platform designed for educational institutions and available on all your devices you can improve your internal processes.

Let me explain: is a conversational agent dedicated to the education sector that helps you in transforming your daily life. It guides your teaching staff and your teams in the use of their tools.

It also reduces paperwork and makes it easier to find information.

Thanks to a conversational agent, your administrative and HR procedures will also be simplified!

  • Facilitate registration procedures
  • Register tuition fees directly
  • Provide answers to frequently asked question, e.g. I would like to know my timetable for this week

In other words, thanks to chatbots you can avoid answering redundant non-value-added questions!


About is a metabot designed for the needs of the educational sector. It is available on Microsoft 365 (SharePoint & Teams), Digital Workplaces and on the web. It is fully customizable to your institution’s image in just a few minutes.

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