Microsoft Teams, THE collaborative solution 

More than five years after its release, Microsoft Teams has become the go-to application for enterprise collaboration. The recent health context and the massive use of home working has allowed many companies to exploit the potential of Teams to maintain teams at high performance and productivity levels. 

Teams is a centralized application with multiple uses: 

  • Management of customisable spaces 
  • File sharing 
  • Video conferencing 
  • Instant messaging 
  • Adding apps for communication with external tools 
  • Calendar management 

Therefore, had to be 100% integrable in Microsoft’s instant chat tool! 

How does integrate with Teams? is integrated into Teams in three different ways:  

  • One-to-one conversation 
  • Group chat 
  • Conversation on an existing team channel 

Thus, it is possible to access content managed by through any of these 3 channels. 

Since Teams supports the “Rich Card” standard used in responses, it becomes natural and convenient to interact with your chatbot to access specific knowledge bases as quickly and easily as possible, as well as automated scenarios to interact with your third-party applications. 

Optimize your employees’ daily lives in Teams with 

Today, more and more companies are implementing chatbots in their IT environment because chatbots have many advantages. Thanks to the metabot, you can simplify the daily life of your teams directly in Teams: 

  • guarantees fast access to information without time constraints. Information is available 24/7, so that your employees can find answers to their questions or be redirected to the appropriate services for their needs. Your employees will no longer waste time searching for information or finding the right contact person! They can concentrate on tasks with high added value. 
  • In addition to being available 24/7, you can compartmentalize your chatbot’s knowledge with With Teams channels (individual chat, group chat, team channel), you have the possibility to assign information to specific users or groups of users – for example, to a team channel’s users. For instance, the GDPR knowledge base or the leave-taking scenario can be published for all users in the individual chat, whereas the IT incident tracking scenario will only be available on the channel designated for the IT team. This knowledge management is accessible in your customer portal through a simple interface for managing channels and content 
  • Thanks to scenarios, you can automate all the processes of your company. Thus, you can relieve the various departments of your organization by proposing your employees to perform certain actions directly in your chatbot. You save time and resources. 

The integration of in Microsoft Teams makes life easier for your employees! They will no longer need to train on various tools: everything is done in Teams! 


How to deploy in Teams? 

Deploying for Teams is extremely simple: 

  • Download the custom package from your portal 
  • Deploy the application in your Teams admin portal, according to your company policy 
  • Add the bot to the group chats or teams you want 
  • Manage content publishing on channels from your portal 

If you would like more information about’s native integration with Microsoft Teams, contact us!