ChatBot for workspace: a productivity booster

In the top 10 factors contributing to time loss at work, there are two elements that immediately stand out: the search for information and the multiplication of IT tools. More and more companies want to implement solutions to reduce time-loss, and the ChatBot seems to be an ideal solution to optimize many time-consuming tasks and increase productivity in general.

ChatBots answer frequently asked questions, save you from spending too much time searching for information, and allow you to concentrate on more strategic tasks.

According to IFOP (French Institute of Public Opinion), 56% of French people believe that ChatBots make their lives easier by providing quick and clear answers, but what about their use in a business context?

Chatbot for business: your teams’ virtual assistant

In B-to-B a chatbot solution is intended for the use of your employees to facilitate their access to information. It can, among other things, help them with their holiday requests, the expense reports, the company’s procedures but can also become their IT assistant.

The Hubi Chatbot for Office 365 is available at any time and from anywhere, allowing direct and instant access to relevant information, as well as an easy interaction with the multiple tools of your organization.

Task automation scenarios

Let’s say you’re setting up a new tool or taking up on a new project (a company relocation, for instance). The internal ChatBot will be able to accompany your teams throughout the entire project and answer their questions efficiently.

With the Hubi Chatbot, you can create any dialogue scenario in a simple manner via an intuitive Drag’n’Drop dialogue editor.

Framing your project means training your Bot

Before implementing a ChatBot or a Metabot (multi-skilled ChatBot), it is important to clearly define your needs: the scope of the intervention, its use within the company, its limits, the relevant scenarios…

Please note that the knowledge base will be enriched as you use the bot thanks to NLU (Natural Language Understanding) or NLP (Natural Language Processing) techniques.

Chatbot’s language processing engine is based on the latest innovations in data analysis: language and named entities recognition; it also performs pre-processing by removing unnecessary words for the better understanding of queries. All the implemented algorithms are developed by specially for the solution. We can therefore assure you of a cutting-edge technology that is rapidly evolving in terms of artificial intelligence.’s NLU (Natural Language Understanding) engine ensures a high quality of natural language comprehension. Beyond the simple recognition of the text, it also uses the detection of your intentions to ensure that your requests are redirected to the right answer or the right scenario.

There are also off-the-shelf business modules that can be contextualized and integrated in 1 click into your Hubi ChatBot. You will be able to extend and configure them according to your context. Remember to configure them well to better suit your needs.

To sum up, the implementation of a custom chatbot is a great solution to provide for your employees. The ChatBot allows your organization to save time and therefore productivity by moving away from low added-value tasks and concentrating on the essentials.

If you would like to know more about our Hubi metabot please get in touch with us.

About Hubi :

A MetaBot platform (multi-skills chatbot) available on Microsoft 365 (SharePoint & Teams) fully customizable to the image of your organization in just a few minutes.

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