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In 2020, we were forced to change our way of life. Some industries have been forced to close their doors and counters…

This is the case of local and territorial authorities (regions, departmental councils…). These administrations have faced an issue: how to maintain the relationship with its citizens when physical appointments are no longer possible?

Conversational agents are the answer to this challenge.

With this new way of working, more and more communities are thinking about implementing a chatbot based on artificial intelligence. In this article you will discover how the implementation of a chatbot within your community improves the relationship with your citizens.

Conversational agents at the service of the public sector

The conversational agent allows you to easily assist your citizens in their administrative procedures. A multi-skilled chatbot allows you to quickly inform, guide and advise users.

It also facilitates internal processes by reducing low value-added tasks. It thus improves the work and productivity of your public agents.

Benefits of implementing a chatbot for the citizen

A metabot (multi-skilled chatbot) is available 24/7. For example, it allows your citizens to declare a theft of papers in the middle of the night when they would normally have to wait until the next day to make their declaration.

In addition, the citizen conversational agent allows citizens to carry out administrative procedures while being guided step by step. It redirects citizens to online services and can also inform them about the latest news of their municipality (e.g. laws, regulations, policies, community activities, etc.).

A chatbot can also allow citizens to report a malfunction in their city. If the garbage collection is not done anymore in the city or if an electric pole is not working, it will be able to warn you very quickly.

To conclude, the implementation of a citizen chatbot will allow you to facilitate the contact with your citizens and thus improve the relationship.

Benefits of implementing a chatbot for the community

With a dedicated chatbot platform for communities, available on all your devices, you will be able to improve your internal processes.

Let me explain: Hubi.ai, the conversational agent dedicated to the public sector, accompanies you in the change of your organization. It guides your public agents in the use of their tools.

It also reduces the number of emails sent. Searching for information is facilitated by its use.

Thanks to a conversational agent, your administrative and HR procedures will also be simplified!

  • Automate the writing of a ticket in case of an incident
  • Orient newcomers by providing them with documents
  • Answer questions related to vacations and health insurance…

In short, thanks to chatbots, avoid wasting time answering redundant questions without added value!

What about Hubi?

Hubi.ai is a metabot adapted to the needs of the public sector. It is available on Microsoft 365 (SharePoint & Teams), the digital workplace and on the web. Fully customizable to your organization’s image in just a few minutes.

Interested to learn more? Request a demo !