Microsoft Teams, THE collaborative solution

More than 5 years after its release, Microsoft Teams has become the must-have application for collaborative work in companies. The recent health context and the massive use of home office has allowed many companies to exploit the potential of Teams to maintain teams at a very satisfactory level of performance and productivity.

Microsoft Teams is a central application allowing multiple uses:

  • Management of customizable spaces
  • File sharing
  • Video conferencing
  • Instant messaging
  • Addition of apps allowing communication with external tools
  • Calendar management had to be 100% integrated in Microsoft’s preferred instant messaging tool!

How does integrate with Teams? is integrated in Teams in three ways:

  • In direct chat (One-To-One)
  • In group chat
  • In channel conversation, directly within an existing team

It is thus possible to access’s content through any of these 3 channels!

As Teams supports the “Rich Card” standard used in’s responses, it becomes natural and ergonomic to interact with your chatbot in order to access specific knowledge bases as quickly and easily as possible, as well as automated scenarios allowing you to interact with your third-party applications.

Knowledge partitioning

Each module (off-the-shelf or custom) can be published specifically to one or more channels depending on your users’ needs.

For example, the RGPD knowledge base or the leave-taking scenario can be published to all users in direct chat, while the IT incident tracking scenario will only be available in a dedicated channel of the IT team.

This publication partitioning is accessible in your customer portal via a simple channel and content management interface.

Deploying for Microsoft Teams

  • Deploying for Teams is extremely simple!
  • Download the custom package from your portal
  • Deploy the application from your Teams admin portal, according to your company policy
  • Add the bot to the group discussions or teams you want
  • Manage content publishing to channels from your portal

If you would like more information on the native integration of Microsoft Teams in, contact us!