Today, more and more organizations are adopting digital workplaces. These digital workspaces allow any employee to communicate, collaborate and access their individual and collaborative work documents online, no matter where they are in the world. All that is required is Internet access and simple authentication to the digital workspace. However, digital workspaces can be difficult to set up and manage.

Here are 5 reasons to deploy a chatbot in a digital workspace:


Help and support

Chatbots are the new virtual assistants. If necessary, your employees can ask the chatbot for help when they encounter difficulties or when they need to familiarize themselves with their new working environment. Chatbots are therefore both complements and replacements for user training. They provide support and assistance in using your new digital workspace.


Quick access to information

The most basic chatbots are similar to frequently asked questions (FAQ), except that they interact with users. Your employees are therefore able to quickly find the answers to their questions autonomously. Metabots like Hubi also integrate search and document management processes. Thus, your chatbot can also act as a search engine.


Business processes automation

Chatbots are incredibly useful for automating various business processes. The most common examples are vacation requests, expense reports, administrative procedures, etc. The automation of business processes reserves the tasks with high added value to your employees. Thus, redundant tasks are performed by your chatbot and you optimize the working time of your employees.



Regardless of the user’s need, chatbots deployed on digital workspaces are accessible anywhere, anytime, and every day. Your employees benefit from absolute autonomy and a virtual assistant whenever they need one.



Some chatbots’ off-the-shelf content is not always tailored to your specific needs. Today, chatbot providers are able to offer not only custom content creation but also customization of off-the-shelf content to best fit and meet the needs of your organization.


What about Hubi?

Hubi is a meta-bot with off-the-shelf content and business processes. Hubi’s teams work with their partners every day to create and deliver new content and processes. All off-the-shelf content is customizable to fit your needs. If the off-the-shelf content and business processes, even if customizable, are not tailored to your organization’s needs, contact Hubi teams to create your own custom content. Request your demo today!

Camille is a computational linguist by training. Following two experiences in Parisian start-ups on named entity recognition and callbots, she recently joined the team at Hub Collab as a chatbot scriptwriter.